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Continuing the Conversation

After announcing our DEI Action Plan last month, we continue to do work to make Tattered Cover more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Over the course of August, we have started the following projects:

Our partners at Prismatic are concluding empathy interviews with staff members and members of the community to better understand how people with marginalized identities see and experience Tattered Cover. The empathy interviews are set to finish sometime in September 2020.

Tattered Cover's General Management Team has been receiving DEI training from Prismatic. This training will continue into January 2020. In addition, Prismatic-led professional development sessions for a wider group of employees will be scheduled each month beginning in September.

The Buying Department has been reexamining the list of Core Titles in the store. Core Titles is what we call the list of books we aim to always have in stock. These books are determined using sales history and staff recommendations. We want to ensure that BIPOC voices, as well as those with other marginalized identities, are widely represented in the Core Titles list. We aim to have the list revised by the end of 2020.

Finally, we want to highlight BIPOC voices for our Book, Cookbook, and Picture Book of the Month. We pick three books a month to highlight as our books of the month. Sometimes we are limited by the books published in a given month, however we will make every effort to continue to uplift BIPOC authors and illustrators, using this unique platform we have. See the selections for August 2020 and September 2020 below.

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