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Continuing the Conversation - 10/29/20

As the holiday season is upon us, Tattered Cover has been hard at work navigating a new kind of shopping experience due to the health crisis. During this time, we've also continued our growth and progression of our DEI Action Plan. Here are some updates: Tattered Cover began the monthly manager DEI training sessions, conducted by Prismatic. We have had two already and will have the third in November. Our featured titles, specifically for our Books, Picture Books, and Cookbooks of the Month feature authors with marginalized identities, to better uplift and promote BIPOC voices. Those titles can be seen below.

We have received an equity audit from Prismatic -- the DEI practitioners we engaged to help us learn and grow -- that shows where Tattered Cover is doing well, and where we can improve. We have met with all store managers to review the plan, and are working on improving store displays, photos, and posters to better reflect the entire community of Metro Denver. This is a work in progress.  Our frontlist book buyers are currently buying new books for Winter/Spring 2021. They are very actively working with publisher sales reps to buy a much more diverse list. This will be reflected on our shelves -- especially in the New sections of our store -- as new books are received in the first quarter of next year. 

We are evolving our application process: by making our application available online, rewriting our job posts to be more inviting to people of all backgrounds, revising our application and exploring new ways to engage with the broader community. By doing this we have already been able to see more diversity in our applicants and new hires. We hope to continue this work as we proceed into the holiday season.

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