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Continuing the Conversation - 6/20/20

Tattered Cover has spent the past ten days discussing how we can meet the public commitments we made to grow, learn, and become better community partners.

We created this blog to chronicle our progress in order to hold ourselves accountable and to share the steps we are taking with our customers, staff, and other stakeholders. We aim to become a safer space, a better ally, and to rebuild trust within the community.

Week Beginning June 8:

  • We donated to Black Lives Matter 5280

  • We posted Ibram X Kendi's An Antiracist Reading List on our homepage as an prominent and easy-to-find resource for ourselves and our community.

  • We sought counsel from members of Denver's BIPOC community.

Week Beginning June 15:

  • We engaged our staff on how Tattered Cover can be a better, safer work space, and how we can be a better advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • We responded to The Word directly about their Community Letter, indicating that we are forming a Task Force of staff and community members to help Tattered Cover develop an action plan to respond to the specific points raised in that letter. We invited members of The Word Board of Directors to participate in that Task Force.

  • We posted additional Black Lives Matter reading lists and resources on our website, with a direct link on our homepage.

Week Beginning June 22:

  • We will post updates in this space on our continued activity, including the first meetings of the Task Force, and progress we're making on other facets of our action plan.

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