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Continuing the Conversation - 6/26/20

Week Beginning 6/22/20:

-We've interviewed DEI consultants, and are reviewing proposals.

  • The consultants are being retained to conduct an equity audit, help us craft an equity mission statement, provide DEI training for management staff, facilitate the task force we're forming to address the issues raised in the Community Letter, and more.

  • We hope to be able to announce which DEI consultants we've engaged next week.

-We have added four Black Lives Matter displays in our Colfax Ave location:

  • One in Adult Fiction

  • One in Young Adult

  • One in Middle Grade

  • One in Picture Books

  • We will continue to give additional display space to writers/books from underrepresented communities in the coming weeks in all locations.

-Per the Community Letter from The Word, Tattered Cover is no longer charging author event fees to authors not represented by major publishing houses.

-We have begun to send out invitations to community members to join the Task Force aimed to review and revise Tattered Cover’s DEI action plan.

  • We will continue to send out more invitations next week.

-We scheduled internal Zoom meetings to continue the process of rebuilding trust and engaging with staff.

Week Beginning 6/29/20:

-We will post updates in this space on our continued activity, including the first meetings of the Task Force, the hiring of a DEI consultant, the staff meetings, and progress we're making on other facets of our action plan.

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