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Continuing the Conversation - 7/13/20

On June 11th, The Word: A Storytelling Sanctuary wrote a Community Letter in response to Tattered Cover's June 6th statement and June 8th apology. They asked Tattered Cover to respond to the demands of the letter within 30 days.

Tattered Cover has communicated with The Word, letting them know the progress on our response. They are satisfied with the work and the progress we are making. We plan to post the response publicly before the end of July.

In addition to working with Prismatic on our response, we have assembled a Task Force of community members and staff to comment on the draft of Tattered Cover's response. These members of the Task Force also represent various marginalized communities including BIPOC and LGBTQIA+. We held the first of two meeting with the Task Force on Sunday July 12th. The second meeting will be held on Thursday July 16th.

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