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Continuing the Conversation - 7/6/20

Tattered Cover has retained a diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm called Prismatic in order to help us learn, grow, and become better allies.

Our goals in working with Prismatic will include an equity audit of Tattered Cover, management and staff training, rebuilding trust with stakeholders, and ultimately, doing everything we can to make all communities feel welcome in our stores. We will be working with Prismatic for most of the next year, July 2020 - June 2021.

Additionally, we've had our first two staff Zoom meetings related to the Staff Insight Survey we sent internally.  Staff who participated were engaged and full of great ideas on how to make TC a better place to work and shop. This is an ongoing process and we are still holding internal meetings with various staff members as well as responding to their written responses to our Staff Insight Survey.

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